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Peru Amazon Spa Cruise | VIP Journeys
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Peru Amazon Spa Cruise

Peru Amazon Spa Cruise


per person

Enjoy this unique exclusive Peru Amazon Cruise with Master Shaman and extraordinary detox and wellness program on the Peruvian Amazon River. The magic of the jungle is no secret. With numerous myths and legends surrounding South America’s gorgeous woodlands, the Amazon’s exotic wildlife makes this journey enticing. It’s a Peru Amazon Spa Cruise you won’t forget!

Enjoy this unique exclusive Peru Amazon Cruise with Master Shaman and extraordinary detox and wellness program on the Peruvian Amazon River aboard the Delfin II. It’s a Peru Amazon Spa Cruise you won’t forget!

The mysticism of the jungle is no secret. With numerous myths and legends surrounding South America’s gorgeous woodlands, the Amazon’s exotic wildlife makes this journey enticing.

The Peruvian Amazon Wellness Cruise is an opportunity to learn, relax, and immerse yourself in the distinctive Peruvian culture. Lima Tours provides its guests with a variety of unique activities that are sure to leave you galvanized. You can witness a flowering ceremony, attend yoga and meditation classes, enjoy massages and black mud treatments, explore the Pacaya River, and even visit the manatees rescue center and local communities.


Summary of the Luxury Peru Amazon Spa Cruise Tour:

Day 1: Iquitos & Amazon River:

Today you will be arriving at the Iquitos International Airport, where you will be transported to Nauta. Once you arrive in Nauta, you will board the MV Delfin, and the adventure will begin.

Day 2: Yanallpa & Belluda Caño

You will arise early and have a yoga class. Also, today you will start a hike at the community of Yanallpa. Later today, take the chance of getting a massage.  Next, you will take the journey towards the El Dorado River Meditation.

Day 3: Atun Poza Lagoon & Pacaya River

Today you will be arriving at Atun Poza, where you will be able to experience the rainforest. We will also be reaching the Pacaya River. During the night, you will be endured in a Flowering Ceremony.

Day 4: Yarapa River, Puerto Miguel Village, Nauta & Departure from Lima

After breakfast, you will explore the Yarapa and/or the Cumaceba River. Also, you will have the opportunity to visit the village of Puerto Miguel. To continue, you will disembark at the Port of Nauta, and visit the Manatee Rescue Center. Then we will head to the Iquitos Airport, where you will take a flight to Lima.

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  • Dress Code
    Bring comfortable soft-soled shoes, lightweight trousers and long-sleeved tops, hat, sunglasses, lightweight raingear, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, BINOCULARS, camera and spare batteries.
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    5 Star Accommodation
    Personal Guide
    Airport Transfers
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Day 1: Iquitos & Amazon River

Arrive in Iquitos just in time to enjoy a special Peruvian style dinner, prepared by a culinary genius. 5pm - Arrive After arriving at Iquitos International Airport, you will be assisted by your guides and transported by bus to Nauta (the oldest city in the department of Loreto). Nauta lies between Iquitos and the Marañon River. This is where the DELFIN is will depart. 7:30pm - Arrive in Nauta and board the MV Delfin. Upon arriving at the port of Nauta, you will board the Delfin, and the experienced crew will help you settle into your cabin. You cabin includes orthopedic mattresses, cotton sheets and towels, silent A/C units, hot showers, beautiful furniture, and a variety of environmentally friendly amenities for your ultimate indulgence. Keep in mind you are traveling where few have gone. In fact, you are part of a select group of seasoned world travelers who will visit the remote Pacaya Samiria Reserve- five million acres of protected, flooded, forest, roughly the size of a small Central American country. 8pm - Happy Hour Start your adventure in style. Just before dusk, the Delfin will set sail. At this time our fabulous bartenders and staff will offer the regions finest cigars and Peru’s finest and most famous cocktail- the pisco sour. Pisco is a Peruvian grape brandy. 8:30pm - Dinner Offering the best of Amazonian & Peruvian cuisine, the Delfin will provides its guests with a unique culinary experience. Dinner is served in the boat’s luxurious dining room located on the second deck. The ship’s chef prides himself on serving stylish dishes with exotic fruits. Because of its cultural diversity, Peruvian cuisine is considered a delicacy. It’s unique combinations and rich flavors make the country an attractive culinary destination. 9:30pm - Meditation & Stargazing… Singing with the Shaman Under a beautiful night sky filled with hundreds of stars and perhaps a full moon, the Master Shaman, Master Pedro, will lead a special ceremony on the top observation deck. Wafted by the gentle breeze of the rainforest, he will start his Icaros (shaman songs) and conduct our meditation.

Day 2: Yanallpa & Belluda Caño

5:30am - Yoga Classes on the third Deck Arise early and reward yourself with a sunrise yoga class led by a well-versed yoga specialist. With the hum of morning bird’s and a divine Amazon sunrise let your body be awakened by the rainforest. 6:30am - Breakfast Buffet Indulge in the natural juices and exotic fruits of the rainforest. Allow our young innovative chefs to fix you a superb and satisfying breakfast. 7:30am - Yanallpa Exploration & Jungle Walks Hike at the community of Yanallpa. During the dry season, you can visit the community of Yanallpa and explore two different kinds of ecosystems. After arriving at this native village, we’ll start our morning hike. This walk affords excellent opportunities for spotting transitional species such as the snail kite, black tailed ant bird, manikins, tanagers, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, nun birds, orioles, blackbirds, etc. You’ll also see tall trees filled with epiphytes, woody vines, and a variety of palm trees. After a brief walk, we’ll reach a lovely lagoon where two dugout canoes await us in the midst of one of the most remote areas in the world.The Lagoon is filled with endangered and unique fresh water fish, such as the paiche, the largest in the Amazon basin, sometimes weighing more than 80kg (170 lbs). The paiche is considered a treat. Oftentimes you can hear them when they rise to the surface. We’ll also look for the peculiar crested hoatzin bird with its olive-colored plumage. Hoatzins live in small family groups along swamps and oxbow lakes. After exploring, we will hike back to the skiffs and continue exploring the area’s wildlife. There’s a good chance of spotting the smallest monkey in the world, the pygmy marmoset, seen only at its sap-sucking sites low on tree trunks. 11am - Back to the boat We will continue upstream towards our next destination. 12:30pm – Lunch After emerging from the depths of the forest, you’ll be treated to a world-class gourmet meal. Our chef will surprise your sophisticated palates, while introducing you to the pleasures of Peru’s enticing cuisine. Our gourmet menu is specially designed and features glorious fresh fish and other local delicacies, all prepared with an Amazonian flair and our own personal touch. 2pm - Time to Sign Up for Massages Enjoy our Wellness Specialist’s unique massage therapies. You can have them in the privacy of your suite or while enjoying the natural breeze & wonderful dynamic of the rainforest. 3:30pm - El Dorado River Meditation It’s now time to head to the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve. Here you will get to swim with the exotic pink river dolphins and enjoy the phenomenal scenery prior to a late night meditation session with Master Pedro. Open your senses to the forest’s symphony. Become aware of the darkness’ wildlife and enjoy the fabulous nights skies. Allow the darkness of the rainforest to provide you with an enchanting experience and sensory encounter. Relax your mind. Indulge your five senses in ways you’ve never imagined. 7pm -Back to the boat We will continue to navigate toward our next destination 8pm - Dinner The dessert is to die for. 9:30pm - Relaxation & Meditation Here the Shamans prepare a Cleaning Ceremony. It’s a new experience. While the warm breeze strokes your face and you’re surrounded by millions of sparkling stars, its time to experience serenity…a sanctuary of senses embraced by the tranquil surroundings. Allow them to introduce you to one of the best kept secrets of the Amazon…it’s wonderful and mysterious tales and spirits. Let them cleanse you….

Day 3: Atun Poza Lagoon & Pacaya River

5:30am - Yoga Classes 6:30am - Breakfast buffet 7:30am - Atun Poza Jungle Hike, Inside Jungle Cleansing Ceremony, & Black Mud Treatment on the River Beach Once we reach Atun Poza we will learn about the people’s commitment to the rainforest,hike through this pristine and unique ecosystem, and pass through a classic tropical rainforest with trees reaching up to 55 mts. in height. Biologically, this kind of forest is probably one of the richest habitats on earth, supporting the most plants and animals per unit area. Our target is the giant ceiba or kapok tree with its large diameter. In the trunk of this “Majesty Tree” we will look for his wisdom and advice. Master Pedro will make his Icaros and with the help of our spirits, we will ask to the “Majesty Tree” for health and protection. Immediately following we will head to the beach for our “Amazon Black Mud Treatment”. 12:30pm - Lunch 3pm - Rio Pacaya River, Swimming with Pink river dolphins, & Flowering Ceremony We reach our main goal, the Pacaya River. It’s the heart of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, and Peru’s largest protected area. Filled with lakes, palm swamps and streams, the reserve becomes a flooded forest in the rainy season and is one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen.Aboard our skiffs, we will go in search of magnificent views and wildlife opportunities, experience spectacular rainforest wilderness, and search for various species of monkeys, such as small family groups of red howler monkeys, the largest in the Amazon basin, with its bright rust-colored fur and long prehensile tail. As the sun calms, we will continue along the shores of the Pacaya river, spotting huge ceiba or kapok trees, mahogany trees, strangler figs, epiphytes such as bromeliads and orchids, palm trees and woody vines. We will then reach a wonderful black waters lagoon were you can jump in the water for a very refreshing afternoon swim. It’s a once in a lifetime experience: beautiful, dark, clean, and warm water, deep blue skies, and a light breeze. 7pm - Back to the Boat 8pm - Dinner Leaving behind the wilderness, we will dine, as world-class travelers should. 9:30pm - Flowering Ceremony After dinner, our Shamans will be waiting for us on the Hammock Deck to begin the Flowering Ceremony. Restore your body and enjoy the magic of the Amazon nights. After a flowers, roots, & herb infusion plus a myriad of commands, you will discover a new world. This enchanting experience will take you to a haven of serenity and provide you with a restoration of the body and soul.

Day 4: Yarapa River, Puerto Miguel Village, Nauta & Departure from Lima

5:30am - Yoga Classes on a river sand beach 6:30am - Breakfast on the beach 7am - Yarapa & Cumaceba River Exploration and Puerto Miguel Village Visit We will explore the Yarapa and/or the Cumaceba River where there’s a good chance that you’ll see squirrel and capuchin monkeys, herons, egrets and green iguanas. Pink river dolphins ply its waters in search of fish. The forest also boasts abundant flowers including a variety of bromeliads and orchids. On our skiffs we will stop at the village of Puerto Miguel to meet local villagers. You will have the chance to learn about their culture, traditions and folklore. You may also visit one of the villager’s homes, to see how they live and the simplicity of their lifestyle. 11am - Back to the vessel We will continue sailing downstream to the birthplace of the Amazon River. 12:30pm - Lunch This will be your last lunch with us, so our chef will treat you to a real feast of flavors and colors. 1:30pm - Disembark at the Port of Nauta 2:40pm - Visit the Manatee Rescue Center On our way to the airport we will stop at the Manatee Rescue Center. The biologist in charge will allow you to give baby manatees their formula and tell you all about this fantastic program. 4:45pm - Arrive at Iquitos Airport Our personnel will help you check in, and say goodbye. 6:10pm -Flight departs for Lima This fascinating journey is one of a kind. Treat yourself to a new perspective. Enjoy phenomenal scenery, fantastic cuisine, tranquility, and relaxation.

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