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Peralta - A New Luxury River Cruise in Brazil's Pantanal | VIP Journeys
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peralta pantanal cruise

Peralta – A New Luxury River Cruise in Brazil’s Pantanal

Peralta – A New Luxury River Cruise in Brazil’s Pantanal – There you are, being gently rocked to sleep in a cozy, cabin bed by the subtle undulating movements of the water beneath, the open sky above, the stars and the moonlight glistening off the water and softly entering your room. The distant sounds of unknown animals communicating in the night linger in the air. No artificial lights, no bustling sounds. Your dreams are calm… your nervous system is relaxed… it may end up being the most pleasant nights’ sleep you’ve had in a long time. You wake up to the foreign song of a bird you have only read about in National Geographic…you take a deep breath in and a crisp, clean air fills your lungs. Your eyes slowly crack open, and you find yourself amazed at the incomparable beauty of the winding, vast wetlands of the Pantanal as they welcome you into a new day on Peralta Cruise.

Peralta Cruise is a luxury cruise boat that enables us to get up-close and personal with the majestic Pantanal of Brazil. Each cabin has a panoramic view and a private bathroom. The boat is fully equipped with two Lounges (one indoor and the other outdoor with a bar), a deck with a swimming pool, gym and restaurant with panoramic view and is fully air conditioned. Among the many experiences, you can enjoy an incredible kayaking adventure, an educational and exciting visit to an indigenous tribe, a delicious Pantanal barbecue, fishing for Piranha and/or enjoying beautiful landscapes on horseback.


Peralta - A New Luxury River Cruise in Brazil's Pantanal

Your first question may be, “What is the Pantanal and what makes it so different from any other ecological excursion?” The Pantanal is the world’s largest and most pristine tropical wetlands, spanning an incredible 75,000 square miles (420,000 acres) through three South American countries; Brazil being the home to the largest part of the wetlands. It supplies water, stabilizes the climate and conserves soils The biodiversity includes 698 bird species, 100 mammals, 177 reptiles, 40 amphibians and over 250 fish species. It is home to many exotic and endangered animals, including hyacinth macaws, toucans, tapir, giant anteaters, giant otters, the maned wolf, capybara, giant anaconda, giant jabiru and its most famous resident – the jaguar – the biggest cat in the Americas. The Pantanal is a rich but threatened ecosystem due to intensive cattle grazing, soy and sugarcane production and mining. Only 3% of the Pantanal is protected

The Pantanal has three seasons. The green season begins in December when the rains begin to fall…and fall ….and fall… until April. 80% of the area is submerged and becomes the planets largest floodplain. This extreme dousing rejuvenates the flora and fauna of the region. In April, the rains stop and the water levels lower, forming lagoons and ponds and on the newly exposed lands, loads of fish lay stranded for the birds to feast on. This season, known as the transition season, takes over three months. In July, the dry and peak season begins. The plains are now completely lush and exposed allowing animals to graze to their heart’s content. This is the period where various species of birds nest, trees bloom and then the environment becomes drier and drier looking forward to the rains in December. It is during this season when the sacred Jaguars have been seen frequently.

Peralta - A New Luxury River Cruise in Brazil's Pantanal

Now that you have a more in-depth understanding of the Cruise and the Pantanal. We wanted to share a little something else with you. As we were researching this new luxury boat we came by some information that we feel sets Peralta Cruise apart. We here at VIP are quite taken by the sweet “behind the scenes” story of the Peralta Cruise and feel the need to share it with those who want to travel to the Pantanal.

When asking Billie Pennachin, the current owner, about how Peralta Cruise came to be, she began to tell a story about her grandfather, Eloy Pennachin. “When I think about my grandpa, I remember that he truly believed in making other people’s dreams come true, if there was a possibility that he could help, we would bend over backwards to make sure it came true. When he first visited the Pantanal, he realized how little was known about the people in the area and how much the people wanted to be recognized. He found such richness and beauty in the area that in one moment he wanted the whole world to see what the true heart of the Pantanal was.

When I think about how we live in big cities, and we don’t really know why we work so much because we are placed in the race without even being able to contemplate what is the most simple and beautiful in life, which is nature. It makes sense to slow down in order to connect with oneself and to evolve. We are here for this reason… and to be happy.

Contact are Amazon and Pantanal Trip designers now at (800) 772-9188 to plan your extraordinary trip to Brazil.